SIMS Hospital – Cardiac Sciences TVC

When the Department of Cardiology at SIMS hospital wanted to promote their leadership in cardiac intervention, the challenge was taken up by Postlor. The result was a script with an emotional undertone that showed a grandfather and granddaughter connect and how cardiac emergency can affect it. Special cameras were used to capture high-speed shots to

SIMS Hospital – Day Care Surgery TVC

SIMS Hospital had introduced Day Care Surgery and wanted to depict how a patient returns to normal life within the same day. The script told a small story of an athletic coach who is hospitalized and worried if he can join his athlete competing in the athletic meet. To everyone’s surprise, he makes it to

SIMS Hospital – Department of Oncology TVC

Yet another Postlor creative to highlight the effectiveness of treatment at SIMS Oncology Department. A story of a young girl full of life who suddenly finds her smiles wiped off by cancer and finally with SIMS intervention recovers to spread smiles in life. The use of special cameras that capture high-speed shots depicts life’s moments

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