This is the age of fertility centers and there is more and more fertility clinic opening day by day. The brief from the client was that almost all the fertility centers promotes the IVF procedure and this has resulted in young couples being misled to undergo the procedure even though they have the opportunity of parenting a child through many other alternate methods. The lack of proper diagnosis and a commitment to practice medicine with integrity on the part of the mushrooming fertility clinics has made IVF the only option for many helpless couples. The Chennai based, Srushti Fertility Centre met the Postlor team and the100pxy were clear that the Centre wanted to promote their total expertise in fertility treatment rather than play up IVF like others. Since they believed that lot of unethical practices were being adapted by many others to make quick profits all the while misusing the IVF technology.

After thoroughly studying the brief and doing a survey of the market, Postlor team decided to market Srushti Fertility Centre with a unique strategy. The team came up with novel idea to spread awareness about IVF, put a check on its rampant use and at the same time educated the young couple about alternatives. The communication strategy revolved round the message 'YOU MAY NOT NEED IVF'. A mnemonic with 'YOU MAY NOT NEED IVF' was designed and incorporated in all the communication designs. Care was taken in the communication to avoid projecting IVF as something negative but at the same time bring about an awareness of the importance of stopping and thinking before IVF. To substantiate the message, a series of unique ads in a Q and A model was conceived. The ads had specific fertility questions and their answers prompting people to think before acting. It was a different approach that helped Srushti Fertility Centre gain much eyeballs and helped it position as an expert choice. The results were phenomenal and the campaign helped realign the market for fertility centers across the city. Very soon the IVF trend was reversed, giving Srushti Fertility Centre with its wide spread services an upward swing in patient footfalls.