Logos are very important identity for any business or service. Likewise we advise our clients to register their trade mark logo as soon as they freeze on the logo design. One recent case was that of Roots Dental Clinic, who were in the process of setting up new branches. Roots Dental asked Postlor to help with the redesigning of the logo and brand strategy. Soon we designed the logo, the client approved it and asked us to fabricate the boards for their clinics. We got the boards ready and installed them but after couple of months another clinic claimed that they had already registered the name ROOTS CLINIC and filed a law suit against our client. The client immediately roped us in to work out an alternative. We had just few hours to do the job. The challenge was to create an equally powerful identity yet make it different from the previous one. We got to work and in less than 12 hours time completed the designing, then the fabrication and installation was carried out within 24 hours time. Yet another example of how we respond to our client’s needs whatever the challenge and delivers successful results.