Happy MC

Our brand building efforts are all encompassing, like product packaging that instils sales. Here is a sample of a design that will make customers reach out to the product.

Living Aqa

We love a product packaging challenge and Living Aqua was one of them. Our team came up with some packaging design that were stunners. The designs were really market savvy and ready to go.

Tea Lite

Brand building begins with right product packaging, the particular food packaging design was expressive and tasteful. It was sure to be a winner in the store shelves.


A food packaging design that makes the particular product line so appetizing and appealing on the store shelves. An example of photographic skills and designing acumen.


A shopping shelf winner was this stunning packaging design with a subtle class of its own. The packaging explored the possibilities of market foray for natural unrefined oil.

Double Hans

A packaging design that is bright and confident creating the aura of quality and goodness. A sure winner on any display.


A packaging for bath products that brought out the sophistication of the product with a simple yet highly desirable design that can rule the shop shelves.

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