Product imagery is what prompts a buyer to get into action, this is very well exhibited in the series of photo assignments for Blufin the online seafood people. A fresh and focused approach indeed.


Subtle props, a bit of drama and a creative angle is all the ingredients you need to make food photography so desirable. Here is an example of our ingenuity in image capturing.


An entire array of marketing communication for a brand new ecommerce venture which puts them on par with the best in the field. Webdesign, ads, banners, emailers and online product promos.

Happy MC

Our brand building efforts are all encompassing, like product packaging that instils sales. Here is a sample of a design that will make customers reach out to the product.

Grand Sweets

A popular sweet and snack store wanted to change their existing menu card and make it inviting. Our team delivered a sweet and stunning card that surely shores up appetities.


A flyer design that promotes a oil, which is designed to bring out the goodness of the product in all its fineness. The copy supports the design to make the right impact.

Tea Lite

Brand building begins with right product packaging, the particular food packaging design was expressive and tasteful. It was sure to be a winner in the store shelves.


A food packaging design that makes the particular product line so appetizing and appealing on the store shelves. An example of photographic skills and designing acumen.


A shopping shelf winner was this stunning packaging design with a subtle class of its own. The packaging explored the possibilities of market foray for natural unrefined oil.

Double Hans

A packaging design that is bright and confident creating the aura of quality and goodness. A sure winner on any display.

Food Box

A food vending business is a novelty and a challenge, we met it with distinction and the creative campaign gave the brand a fabulous head start.

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