No.1 Star Academy

It’s the age of competitive exam and equally competitive coaching scenario. Here we have given a head start to a new academy that promises to take the student miles ahead.


There is always an element that differentiates one institution from another and our team is an expert in putting their finger on it. The Sri Muthukumaran Medical College photography captured students and medical education in its candid best.


Institutional photograpy if it involves educational initiatives is always a subject for ingenuity. Our creative time worked its way out of mediocrity with a well planned photo shoot. The outcome was a photo essay of immense technical brilliance.


The art of saving life and keeping it healthy throws some dramatic visages. We are adept at capturing the nuances of medical education in its very best again.


Dental education is not all about dental paraphernalia and pain it is about people and technology. We used photography to compile a treatise on dental education.


Our photography assignments span educational institutions in every field be it medicine, engineering or science and arts. Here is yet another aspect of our educational imaging expertise.


An engineering college brought alive through our lens work catching the most inspiring angles of technical education and student life.


Education websites have to be catchy, colourful and yet informative. We have set the precedence in educational marketing and were ready to give our best. The result is a dynamic and distict website that gives access to students, teachers and parents.

Velammal Career Point

The Career Point institute is a premier competitive exam coaching institute which is in partnership with Velammal. Such a niche educational venture required an proficient website and we obliged with our technology and content expertise.

Velammal Bodhi Campus

A pioneering educational saga is now reorienting education with a global perspective. We have pledge our allegiance to excellence by working alongside the educational giant.

Velammal Career Point

A bright and beautiful design that inspires young minds to explore their potential. The brochure was an eye-opener for students to take up training for competitive exams.


A well designed and descriptive brochure for a top engineering college stoked our skills. The result is a vivid and vibrant work that captures the nuances of good education.

Saveetha Dental College

One of the leading dental college required a distinct brochure and we delivered it with elan. Capturing the essence of the prestigious courses along with advanced facilities at the college.


A brochure for a training academy which details the courses and the facilities at eh institution. A spread of inspiring images and well written copy makes prospective students or clients pick up the brochure at once.

The Pupil

It is always a pleasure to photograph a school and its students. The Pupil project was beyond expectation is producing a slew of stunning images.

Sudharshan Vidyashram

We caught the school life in its liveliest best and made it indelible through our photographs. The choice of student models, the frames and the photography techniques combined for this brilliant project.

Sudharshan Vidyashram

We caught the school life in its liveliest best and made it indelible through our photographs. The choice of student models, the frames and the photography techniques combined for this brilliant project.

Saveetha School of Nursing

A part of the larger project of Saveetha University for bringing forth the wide spectrum of courses and facilities. We achieved the necessary effect with some clear cut images that were largely expressive.

Velammal Bodhi Campus

Photography at a school campus is always tricky especially when the kids exude so much energy. We made a success of the task a caught the little ones in their moments of brilliance.

Saveetha Dental College

Yet another example of our growing expertise and exemplary standards in imaging educational institutions. We were able to shoot live classes and lab activity without having students pose for the same.

Saveetha Dental College

A leading institution in the bouquet of Saveetha Group with world class educational facilities. This required some informed photo shoot and our images did all justice to the cutting-edge dental education.

The Pupil

An international school that was total in its educational promise needed something different to inspired and impress the readers. We visited the school several times, did a astounding photo session and scripted a well orchestrated work of creative brilliance that was instantly approved by the management.

Saveetha University TVC

Launching brand Saveetha in TV, this was the first time Saveetha University would appear in National Television and we were give the responsibility to visualize, create and release the TVC. We came up with a montage of multiple scenes from a little girl's journey from childhood to a young girl. It was about dreams, inspiration


An Technical Training Institute website that was designed to clearly layout the courses and with easy links to the course materials.

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